About Misfit Toyz
<Misfit Toyz>
Wednesday,Friday & Monday - Raiding 10am-1pm EST

We are a group of friends built on respect, camaraderie and performance. A core of raiders coming together to progress through current content. Integrity and communication is a must! Real life comes first, but after that we kill bosses and get pretty pixels! 

Our core leadership has had a multitude of years across this game. Growing in guilds and as individuals for what we've become. A GREAT guild atmoshpere in such a short time. Bringing it all together, for an outstanding enviroment that we surely know you will enjoy. Not afraid of challenges ourselves, we challenge you and one another to get better. To grow in character. To strive for a steady performance. Ensuring the best outcome for <Misfit Toyz>. We promise to provide a community, full of friendly banter with a slough of helpful experienced players which we hope you consider yours.

Expectations of our core-raiders/raiders/trials & guildies are all the same. Respect. Preparation. Readiness. Initiative.
These four qualities can go a long way. Separating you from others to make the core team, and most of all setting an example for what others should look to be for our guild & core raid team. 

We want to be a healthy guild with a core that isn't extreme but is certainly a group of competitive players. One's that realize what it takes to help bring our raiding team to the level it has to be to consider itself progressive. 
This isn't a job. It's only a game. We know the difference. Consider yourself a piece of the puzzle to make <Misfit Toyz> your home. Come grow with us!
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